Hering x Pott (sold out)

Since 1995, Stefanie Hering, porcelain designer and founder of the Hering Berlin manufactory, and Wilhelm Seibel, owner and managing director of the legendary cutlery manufactory Pott, have known and appreciated each other. Now the idea of cooperation has become reality. Four exquisite bundles on the themes of salt, cheese and oysters are available, combining the unique aesthetics of both brands.

This aesthetic not only includes the innovative and timelessly purist design of the objects, but also a very similar philosophy and manufacturing processes based on traditional craft processes.

Stefanie Hering, who trained as a master ceramist before concentrating on porcelain in the 1990s, experiments with forms and glazes, constantly explores the limits of the material in collaboration with artisans who have been skilled in porcelain production for decades and presents designs that can only be produced by hand.

The unique quality of Pott‘s cutlery is also based on the purest craftsmanship, the precision of which is in no way inferior to Swiss watch movements or the cut of diamonds and cannot be replaced by any computer-controlled machine.

More than 30 operations are involved in each spoon and fork; a knife takes more than 90 steps to give the blades their lasting sharpness and the entire workpiece its uniquely balanced weight.

The cutlery manufacture dates back to 1904; the international reputation of the brand is based on the son of the company founder and ingenious cutlery designer Carl Pott, who joined his father‘s business in Solingen in 1932. In 2006, the company passes into the ownership of the Seibel family, who have been producing the highest quality cutlery in their factory in neighboring Mettmann for 125 years, now in the 6th generation.

„Pott and Hering Berlin differentiates between material and category, “ says Wilhelm Seibel. „But so much unites us: quality, manufacture, Made in Germany, the table community. At a set table we are simply a great and very sociable team. “