Pott knives

These professional chef's and kitchen knives, whose elegant shapes were created by the designer Ralph Krämer, are sharp and easy to grip. The Maestro series performs outstandingly in every aspect.

In the past, Parmesan cheese was often only known outside of Italy in grated form and ready packed. Then, in 1992, Pott introduced the Parmesan knife Picado to the market, and it revealed to cheese lovers how good the famous hard cheese only tastes when it is freshly broken out of the loaf.

The feeling of cutting bread as easily as butter is a real aha-experience. The special serrated edge of the bread knife Panado makes it possible. A light pressure, a simple cutting movement, and the blade glides through the loaf of bread with absolute precision and almost weightlessness. When you then spread the butter on the bread with Burrado, you almost feel like you're on clouds.

Cutting roasted meat was once an art. It was taught like dancing and fencing. Its perfection culminated in the cutting of poultry in the air, only impaled on the carving fork. With these tools from Pott this would certainly look even more elegant. But if contemporary eaters dine with them in a cultivated manner, their purpose is sufficiently fulfilled.