Sarah Wiener walnut wood

How good craftsmanship works Sarah Wiener understands her craft. As a TV chef, book author and owner of restaurants she stands for food preparation that is based on, and pleases with precise know-how and fresh ingredients rather than dramatic effects. No wonder that she came to Pott with her ideas for knives. Pott not only stands for good design, but also for superior traditional fabrication. Each and every Sarah Wiener knife is produced by us in over 90 manual steps. In the process we follow the same rules as Sarah Wiener does with her cooking.

Manual work is done by hand Made by hand is best. This is valid for sliced cabbage as it is for knives. Unfortunately, the art of manual knife honing is as rare as mille feuille dough made from scratch. At Pott we always say that our blade masters have music in their hands. In the case of the Sarah Wiener knife series it is even dinner music.

When each degree in a thousand is well executed: it is well done. For thousands of years man has cooked with fire. Not that long an apprenticeship considering that today we can make a well done steak with a precise core temperature of 160°. The art of knife forging, with temperature ranges of 1920°, 175°, 390°, is best served by long tradition. The steel for our knives comes from Solingen, Germany.

Good results come from passion for the craft. As the old saying goes, love goes through the stomach. According to Sarah Wiener what goes into the stomach must also be loved. A rare chef indeed, who is totally devoted to the purity of ingredients, happy pigs, and organic herbs and vegetables. Naturally, the handles of her knives are natural: from local walnut or plum trees.