Pott 22

Carl Pott got the idea for this design while sitting under a chestnut tree and watching a leaf fall. The organic shape became the inspiration for the spoon, and the other flatware pieces were derived from it. The double-edged knife has less to do with nature and more with actual usage. The serration on the backside of the knife is ideal for carving into a piece of meat, while the other side is perfect for actual slicing. As the flatware of the 1972 Munich Olympics, the design became world famous.

Design Awards 

11. Triennale Milano, Diploma d’Argento; Exposition universelle Bruxelles, Etoile d’Or; Sacramento Fair, Gold Medal; Expo 67, Montreal; Ausgewählt für die Einrichtung der Olympiade 1972 in München; Bundespreis Gute Form; Industrial Design, Deutscher Werkbund; Osaka, Goldmedaille; Wels, Goldmedaille; Form 83; Design Center Stuttgart, Formbeständig; Busse Long Life Design